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As you will now be aware the Government has announced a plan for students to return to school over a phased period. These timescales are open to possible change given the rate of infection in the country. We are currently working to plan for return of pupils and we will ensure that you are updated as soon as possible. We reassure you that the health and wellbeing of you and your children will be at the front of our plans


Mrs Lucy Williams
Mrs Rose Rowley
Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Leonie Ward
Mrs Emma Davis
Early Years Lead Practitioner
Mrs Jackie McConnell
Miss Angela Fincher
Ms Elizabeth Hammett-Kay
Miss Dawn Hartford
Miss Ambika Hill
Mrs Fleur Rowlands
Mrs Bianca Ward
Teaching Assistant - Year 1
Miss Joanne Birch
Teaching Assistant - Reception
Mrs Kerry McGahey
Teaching Assistant - Year 4
Mrs Nicky Farmer
Teaching Assistant - Year 3/ Year 5
Mrs Margaret Conrad
Teaching Assistant Year 2
Mrs Katherine Coombes
Teaching Assistant - Year 6
Mrs Tracey Hall
Parent & Learning Mentor
Mrs Sue Mills
Business Manager
Mr Steve Turbill
Miss Milly Mills
Office Assistant
Mrs Kim Daly
Senior supervisor
Mr Darran Smith
Deputy Supervisor

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