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Welcome to Year 1! My name is Miss Fincher and I’m so glad I get to be your teacher – we’re going to learn lots of things together! In Year 1 we have Miss Birch who helps us each morning with our Sparkly Folders, and sometimes we will have Mrs Hall popping in and out in the morning and afternoon to help us too.

In Year 1 we cover some really exciting topics.

In the Autumn term, we begin by developing our basic Geography skills. We learn about the area immediately around us, our school and homes, our city, and the countries in the UK. We learn about how cities are different to the countryside and the types of features we can find in each. We begin to create some basic maps. After half term, we switch to a History focus, learning about Toys from today and toys from the past. We learn about famous bears through time, and we look at how the very first Teddy bear came about.

In the Spring term, we build upon our Geographical maps skills, learning more important map ingredients like a key and compass. We learn to name and find the seven continents in our world with a really jazzy song! We also learn how to use maps for planning journeys. After the half term, we jump back into a History focus, learning about Heroes who have made a difference in the past. We learn about Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. They were very, very brave women, and we’ll learn about what they did and use maps to locate where they lived and where they went.

In the Summer term, we move onto warmer climates in our Geography unit. We will look more closely at the continent of South America and compare how and why it is different to the UK. We will learn about the Rainforest and the types of animals that live there, including one specific animal: the Andean (Spectacled) Bear. After half term we then move on to looking at animals throughout History and our relationship with them. We will look at the differences between wild and domestic animals, and look at some famous animals in history such as Jumbo the Elephant and Wojtek the Soldier Bear.

Each day we enjoy phonics sessions, mental number-work and guided reading activities to continually practice and become fluent in our basic skills. Reading books are changed weekly. All books are collected in on a Friday, and new books will be given out on a Monday.

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