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The teachers in Year 2 are Mrs Rowlands and Mrs Rowley. They are supported by teaching assistant Mrs Conrad.

In Year 2 we cover some fun and exciting topics. These include:

During our Journeys topic, we will use maps to find different locations and track journeys. We will look at journeys of famous explorers and vessels and how transport has changed through time.

In our Buildings topic we will look famous buildings around the world, past and present. We will look at why different materials are used to create different buildings and how homes vary in cultures around the world.

We will learn about the features of coastal areas and seaside towns, holiday destinations around the world and the wildlife that calls the coastline home.

In Literacy we learn how to write for a range of purposes. These include stories, poems, instructions, explanations and other non-fiction genres. We will use a range of stimuli including picture books, videos and out of school visits.

To help us with our spellings we use the No Nonsense Spelling scheme and have a focused spelling session every day in school. We take our test on Thursday mornings.

Children practice their reading scheme books at home and they are listened to regularly by a member of staff. A daily guided reading session focuses upon developing phonics to decode, alongside the reading skills of inference and deduction.

In Numeracy, children are able to consolidate their number work, focusing on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We also introduce the importance of learning our times tables, and by the end of the year we expect every child to know their 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. We also learn to name different 2D and 3D shapes and identify their properties, along with looking at fractions and statistics. We also have a daily arithmetic session that focuses on developing fluency and accuracy in relation to the four operations.

We have a range of Science topics running throughout the year. We learn about animals including humans, plants, living things and their habitats and uses of everyday materials. We take part in practical investigations and ask questions about the world around us.

 Every child has the opportunity to participate in three class trips, three Inspire workshops and one assembly across the year.

Year 2 have a message for you...

Listen to Mrs Williams reading you a story!

Home Learning Music Resources

How to Use Purple Mash

Activities for home to develop life skills

The Book of Hopes

Get up and Get Active

Music services have developed an online learning platform for pupils to access, it features over 350 bite-size video clips of their teachers delivering mini lessons.  

There is a unique username and password for Fairway and would be applicable to all instrumentalists at the school.

Username: fairwaypr

Password: 7VCxFb4r

Art Focus

Kandinsky Numeracy Art project

Weaving Project - Week One

Weaving Project - Week Two

Weaving Project - Week Three

Weaving Project - Week Four

Be an illustrator!

The Crafty Fox - Art ideas for home


Design a Mascot competition

Mascot designing lesson

Mascot Entry Form

Home Learning 13.07.20

Monday's maths worksheet

Tuesday's maths worksheet

Wednesday's shape activity

Thursday's maths sheet

Friday's maths questions

Maths Outside

School Memory page


Postcard activity sheet

Home Learning 06.07.20

Virtual sports day

3x table worksheet (Twinkl)

Letter Formation

Life in a coral reef

Monday's maths worksheet

Tuesday's maths worksheet

Wednesday's maths worksheet

Thursday and Friday's maths worksheet

Home Learning 29.06.20




Smiling is Infectous

Sun Shadows STEM


Home Learning 22.06.20

Ways to Feel Better


Home Learning 15.06.20

Christopher Columbus's Voyages - map


Home Learning 08.06.20

Daily maths Challenge

Tuesday's Maths

Wednesday's Maths

Thursday's Maths

Friday's Maths


Home Learning 01.06.20

Monday's Maths

Monday's English

Tuesday's Maths - Sharing

Wednesday's Maths - Grouping

Thursday's English

Friday's Maths

Friday's English

Andy Goldsworthy

In Every Corner

Mini Story Book Making Instructions

Story planner

Wild Pets


Home Learning 18.05.20

Butterfly Identification

Types of Sentences

Word Bank

Subtraction Questions

Tuesday's Maths Questions

Wednesday's Reading

Thursday's Maths Questions

Friday's Maths Questions


Home Learning 11.05.20

Baba Yaga's House

Story Map-Baba Yaga Monday

Tuesday's Maths questions

Tuesday's Reading questions

Wednesdays Maths questions

Wednesday's Reading questions

Wild Flowers

Home Learning 04.05.20

Monday's Maths

Wednesday's Maths

Friday's Maths


Plants Identifying Trees

Tree Identification Photo

Home Learning 27.04.20

All About Canals

Andy's Room

Letter Formation Guide

Tuesday's Maths questions

Thursday's Maths questions


Home Learning 24.04.20

Cats Sleep Anywhere

GR_The Cats Journey

Spellings 20.04.20

2020 COVID-19 Time-Capsule

Home Learning 30.03.20

Inspire Workshop


Working Hard on Place Value


Inspire workshop


Drama Outside


Black History Month



Year 2 Information


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