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In Year 3 our first topic is Adventures in Space. We have posed our own class questions about things that we can research and find out about our topic. The children will have the opportunity to design and make their own space craft. We will be using a range of fiction and non- fiction texts to support different styles and genres of writing around our topic including newspaper reports.

Our next topic is Rocks. We are planning a trip to Lapworth Museum to enrich the children’s learning on this topic. Children will also be learning about the changes in Britain over time focusing on the periods between the Stone Age to the Bronze Age.

In Science we learn about a range of areas including animals including humans, rocks, light, plants and forces. We will have already begun to carry out some scientific experiments and observations through our study of plants. Throughout our different areas of study we will be looking at recording our data in a range of ways.

At the beginning of the year the entire class has extended their range of PE activities by weekly swimming sessions at Lindon Road Swimming Baths. Children will continue to be taught in weekly PE sessions with the support of the Sports Plus coach and the class teacher.

Cross-stitching Inspire workshop


Designing a Reflective Panel


Mummified Orange


Blackberry Picking



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