Welcome to Year 3!

Meet the Team -  

Class teacher: Ms Hammett-Kay

Teaching assistants: Mrs Coombes and Mrs McGrillen

A typical day in Year 3:

Each day starts with a Busy Book activity, which may have a literacy, numeracy or creative focus, before we gather together in the hall for assembly or song practise. Back in class we have Mental Maths, followed by numeracy, working on our current maths focus through a range of activities. After break we have a session working on grammar, spelling or punctuation, followed by our main writing session for the day.

In Literacy and Mathematics in Year 3, we follow the New National Curriculum. Much of our writing is linked in to our termly topic, using great texts and visual stimuli to develop our creativity and imagination and to grow our general knowledge, whilst also developing us as confident, fluent readers and writers.

In the afternoon we normally have a chance to read together, plus activities exploring the wider curriculum, including science, history, geography, languages, P.E. and art.  In science this year we will be learning about light and shadows, forces, the changing world, plants, rocks and bodies and the foods that keep those bodies healthy.

We have fantastic topics this year, starting off in Ancient Egypt, before travelling back to Britain for the Stone Age, and then staying in Britain to learn all about life in the Iron Age, where we will meet early Britons like the Celts, and the invading Romans. This will be the perfect opportunity of course to meet Minimus, and start to learn some Latin!

Homework Activities



Weathered Rock Images

LO: I can explain how rocks are affected by factors in the environment.

How do rocks change over time?

  1. Look at the images of the rocks – can you say what kind of rocks any of them are?
  2. How do you think these rocks might have changed over time?
  3. What might have caused this?

Draw a mini-picture of each image and then a caption for each explaining why you think it has weathered in this way.

Composing Their First Music

Cross-stitching Inspire workshop


Designing a Reflective Panel


Mummified Orange


Blackberry Picking



Year 3 Information


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