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Welcome to Year 3!

Meet the Team -  

Class teacher: Ms Hammett-Kay

Teaching assistants: Mrs Coombes and Mrs McGrillen

A typical day in Year 3:

Each day starts with a Busy Book activity, which may have a literacy, numeracy or creative focus, before we gather together in the hall for assembly or song practise. Back in class we have Mental Maths, followed by numeracy, working on our current maths focus through a range of activities. After break we have a session working on grammar, spelling or punctuation, followed by our main writing session for the day.

In Literacy and Mathematics in Year 3, we follow the New National Curriculum. Much of our writing is linked in to our termly topic, using great texts and visual stimuli to develop our creativity and imagination and to grow our general knowledge, whilst also developing us as confident, fluent readers and writers.

In the afternoon we normally have a chance to read together, plus activities exploring the wider curriculum, including science, history, geography, languages, P.E. and art.  In science this year we will be learning about light and shadows, forces, the changing world, plants, rocks and bodies and the foods that keep those bodies healthy.

We have fantastic topics this year, starting off in Ancient Egypt, before travelling back to Britain for the Stone Age, and then staying in Britain to learn all about life in the Iron Age, where we will meet early Britons like the Celts, and the invading Romans. This will be the perfect opportunity of course to meet Minimus, and start to learn some Latin!

Listen to Mrs Williams reading you a story!

Home Learning Music Resources

How to Use Purple Mash

Activities for home to develop life skills

The Book of Hopes

Get up and Get Active

Music services have developed an online learning platform for pupils to access, it features over 350 bite-size video clips of their teachers delivering mini lessons.  

There is a unique username and password for Fairway and would be applicable to all instrumentalists at the school.

Username: fairwaypr

Password: 7VCxFb4r

Art Focus

Kandinsky Numeracy Art project

Weaving Project - Week One

Weaving Project - Week Two

Weaving Project - Week Three

Weaving Project - Week Four

Be an illustrator!

The Crafty Fox - Art ideas for home


Design a Mascot competition

Mascot designing lesson

Mascot Entry Form

Home Learning 13.07.20

Weekly learning 13.07.20 PRINTER FRIENDLY

Come to the Fair! Cornwall

English Counties Challenge

I've gone wrong - see if you can correct the P for me.

Sudoku - So easy a caveman could do it.

Sudoku- Easy as an ice cube recipe

Sudoku -Middle of the road

Try out Max's scone recipe - they look completely delicious!

Writing Achievement statements - Tips to keep you ticking over!





Year 3 and 4 spellings - See if you know all of the easier ones now.

Home Learning 06.07.20

Weekly learning 06.07.20 PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION

Virtual sports day

Numeracy - capacity and mass challenges

Story prompts

Come to the Fair! Devon

Constellation Cards

Coast-poster- Exmoor



Moor-poster-A1 Exmoor




Reading Activities

A Horde of Ravens Sequencing Ch4

A Horde of Ravens Open Ended Qs Ch4

A Horde of Ravens SPaG Ch4

Settlers Ch4 Sequencing

Settlers Ch4 Open Ended Qs

Settlers Ch4 SPaG

Beth On The Nile Ch2 Sequencing

Beth On The Nile Open Ended Questions

Beth On The Nile SPaG Questions

Home Learning 29.06.20

Weekly learning 29.06.20 PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION


Check out Aleeza's lovely poetry this week.

Come to the Fair! Dorset

Literacy - How to paint a picture for your reader

Literacy - The Islands of Adventure

Read Georgia's 'Future Biography' and discover her rise in the world of wild cats!

Read Jessica's 'Future Biography' to learn how she will save the world's bee populations!

Reasoning and problem solving challenges for measures

Spellings - r words in sentences

Reading Activities

A Horde of Ravens Sequencing Ch3

A Horde of Ravens Open Ended Qs Ch3

A Horde of Ravens SPaG Ch3

Settlers Ch3 Sequencing

Settlers Ch3 Open Ended Qs

Settlers Ch3 SPaG

Mary Anning Open Ended Questions

Mary Anning Sequencing activity

Mary Anning SPaG questions

Home Learning 22.06.20

Weekly learning 22.06.20 PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION

A Day in the Life of a Dairy Farmer

A Year on the Farm

American Museum Bath Discovery sheet - quilt squares

Come to the Fair! Somerset

Concrete Poetry

FAQs Oak National Academy - Primary parents and pupils

French Cafe

le café des écureuils

Handwriting - dialogue

Making Homegrown Pizza

Roman Baths - Mindful Art Activities

Roman Baths - Mosaic activity sheet

Waves and waterfalls - Literacy

p and q words in sentences

Reading Activities

Beth On The Nile Ch 7 Chapter Sequencing

Beth On The Nile Ch 7 Open Ended Qs

Beth On The Nile Ch 7 SPaG

A Horde of Ravens Sequencing Ch2

A Horde of Ravens Open Ended Qs Ch2

A Horde of Ravens SPaG Ch2

Settlers Ch2 Sequencing

Settlers Ch2 Open Ended Qs

Settlers Ch2 SPaG

Examples of Work by Year 3

Great work from Aleeza too using our new target vocabulary for geometry

Look at Ellie-Mae's excellent work on polygons

Look at Max's clear descriptions of polygons

Home Learning 15.06.20

Weekly learning 15.06.20 PRINTER-FRIENDLY VERSION

Aleeza's Rise to Fame - A Future Biography

Amber Smith - The Roman Invasion was Good for Britain - read this excellent persuasive piece!

Come to the Fair! Wiltshire

Eva's Rise to Fame - A Future Biography

Lewis' Rise to Fame - A Future Biography

Lines - numeracy picture prompt

P words in sentences

Secret island - Literacy

sudoku - No problem!

sudoku - A piece of cake!

The UK and the Gulf Stream

The waiter's song - French

UK - Position and Climate

Wassily Kandinsky, Delicate Tension #85

Year-3-spellings-prefix-in- Practise activity

Year-3-spellings-prefix-in-Spelling lists

Handwriting - addresses

Reading Activities

Beth On The Nile - Ch6 Chapter Sequencing

Beth On The Nile - Ch6 Open Ended Qs

Beth On The Nile - Ch6 SPaG

A Horde of Ravens - Sequencing Ch1

A Horde of Ravens - Open Ended Qs Ch1

A Horde of Ravens- SPaG Ch1

Settlers Ch1 Sequencing

Settlers Ch1 Open Ended Qs

Settlers CH1 SPaG

Home Learning 08.06.20


Alphabet list of contractions

Boudicca - Hero or Villain, by Emily

Colour coding angles - estimating challenge

Colour coding angles

Countdown Challenge 3

French Fruits and Vegetables

Flowering Plants

Geometry - target properties vocabulary

Iron - Geography of the West Country

Picking Apart a Poem

Poetry Language Features - Prompt list

Starting shape properties

The Book of Hopes - A Way to the Stars, by David Almond

The Book of Hopes - Balcony Picnic, by Michelle Magorian

The Book of Hopes - Hope or Learning the Language of Birds, by Jackie Morris

Types of triangles

Come to the Fair!

Year-3-spellings-prefix-un- Practise activity

Year-3-spellings-prefix-un- Spelling lists

Amazing Grace - recorder music

Handwriting - using apostrophes

Reading Activities

Beth On The Nile Ch5 Sequencing

Beth On The Nile Ch5_Open Ended Qs

Beth On The Nile Ch5_SPaG

Last Selkie C5 Sequencing

Last Selkie C5 Open ended Qs

Last Selkie C5 SPaG

Mary Anning Sequencing_ch5

Mary Anning C5 OpenEnded Qs

Mary Anning SPaG_ch5

Home Learning 01.06.20


Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni

Iron Age and Roman Era - A Street Through Time

Lightly Row - new recorder piece

PSHE Changing Me

Science - flowering plants

Science - graphic organiser for challenge 3

Sudoku -easy cheesy

Sudoku -simple as it gets

Test questions - challenge

Test questions - easy to standard

Time Problems - how to work out durations

Time word problems - durations

Weekly spellings - o words

Handwriting - using prefixes

The Crafty Fox - Art ideas for home

Reading Activities

Beth On The Nile Ch4 Sequencing

Beth On The Nile Ch4 Open Ended Qs

Beth On The Nile Ch4 SPAG

Mary Anning C4 Sequencing

Mary Anning C4 Open Ended Qs

Mary Anning C4 SPaG

The Last Selkie C4 Sequencing

The Last Selkie C4 Open Ended Qs

The Last Selkie C4 SPaG

Home Learning - Whitsun Week

Home Learning 18.05.20

Weekly Planning


30 days hath September rhyme to learn

A Party Mind Map

Building up detail - Charlie at the factory gates

Character profile

Gifts to the water - Early Beliefs

loop cards time units

The Ten Commandments

Weaving Project Week 3 Part 1

Weaving Project Week 3 Part 2

Y3 Arithmetic Half-Test 3a

Y3 Arithmetic Half-Test 3b

Weekly spellings - m and n words

The Chocolate Room - brilliant descriptive writing by Jessica - check it out!

Handwriting for Friday - Using prefixes

Reading Activities

Beth On The Nile Ch 3 Chapter Sequencing

Beth On The Nile Ch3 Open Ended Qs

Beth On The Nile Ch3 SPAG

Mary Anning Ch 3 Open Ended Qs

Mary Anning Ch 3 SPaG

Mary Anning Ch3 Sequencing

The Last Selkie Ch 3 SPaG

The Last Selkie Ch3 Open Ended Qs

The Last Selkie Ch3 Sequencing

Home Learning 11.05.20

Weekly Learning


Close reading - The Chocolate Room

This challenge is about chocolate

Multi square sheet Tuesday

Rectangle Tangle

Science statements activity

Venn formats - take your pick!

Countdown Challenge 2 Thursday

Handwriting Friday

Weekly spellings in sentences

The Celts

Weaving Project - Week Two, Part 1

Weaving Project - Week Two, Part 2

Weaving Project - Week Two, Part 3

Reading Activities

Beth On The Nile Ch2 Sequencing

Beth On The Nile Open Ended Questions

Beth On The Nile SPaG Questions

Mary Anning C2 Sequencing

Mary Anning C2 Open Ended Questions

Mary Anning C2 SPaG

The Last Selkie C2 Sequencing

The Last Selkie C2 Open Ended Questions

The Last Selkie C2 SPaG

Home Learning 04.05.20

Weekly Learning

Fractional Wall

Fraction Choice Challenge - WEDNESDAY

Countdown Challenge THURSDAY

Science - THURSDAY

Pronouns activity FRIDAY

Newspaper Report Features


Yr 3 and 4 Spellings by spelling patterns

History - Hill Forts

Weaving Project - Week One

Recorder music - Ode to Joy by Beethoven

Basic French adjectives

Reading Activities

Beth On The Nile Chapter 1 Sequencing activity

Beth On The Nile Open Ended Questions

Beth On The Nile SPAG activity

Mary Anning Open Ended Questions

Mary Anning Sequencing activity

Mary Anning SPaG questions

The Last Selkie Open Ended Questions

The Last Selkie Sequencing activity

The Last Selkie SPaG questions

Home Learning 27.04.20

Weekly Learning

Fraction Activity

Genesis 3 1-24



Opening Night Comprehension


Big Ben Gets a Bath GREEN comprehension

Peacemakers Circle Time Activity

Science - Pinwheel Template

Science Starter Pictures

BCC Agreed RE Curriculum For A Mainly Christian School - Y3 Overview

RE Being Accountable & Living with Integrity - The Story of The Challenge of Iblis

Spellings - Super Prefix

Handwriting for Friday

A God's Eye for the garden or the window - once you've got the hang of it, you can make some great designs.

Home Learning 20.04.20

Weekly Learning 20.04.20

Arithmetic Test part 1

Arithmetic Test part 2

Explanation Texts

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

Rocky Road Recipe

2020 COVID-19 Time-Capsule

 Handwriting lesson for Friday 24th

Class Newsletter - Easter

Easter Traditions Challenge

Easter Activities for Children's University

 A great illustration of Peter Rabbit in the style of Lydia Monks by Amber Sm

 Baking a batch of Hot Cross buns - what have you been cooking or baking..

 Even more eggs - Miss got carried away!

 Getting out the glitter for the German inspired Easter trees that I sent you! Send me pictures of ones you made and keep them safe for when we are back.

 Kandinsky themed art from Jessica and Georgia - looking gorgeous. Get going on yours people!

 Making home-made eggs - these moulds have never made it out of the cupboard before! Make sure that you make the most of the time at home.

Home Learning 30.03.20

While we can’t be in our classroom together, some pictures of our current Working Walls might be a useful prompt for some of your learning.

Look at our Literacy wall when you are starting your story plans – remember that drawing your story plan can be a great way to get ideas going and to really put yourself in the action! Think too about our senses challenge – can you bring the setting alive to your reader by only using the senses of sound and smell?

Now could be a great time to grow your geographical knowledge. Talk someone at home through what is on our Geography Working Wall at the moment, and then challenge each other to:

* Name ten counties in England.

* Name ten countries in Europe.

* Name five countries in Africa…South America…Asia…

* How many capital cities can you name?

* Can you name two key rivers on each continent?

We’ve worked on superlative adjectives in grammar, so now would be a great time to find out the deepest lake, the highest mountain, the longest coastline…

Google Earth have recently updated their site – the Voyager area is full of wonders… Have fun!


Class 3 have started to read Stig of the Dump as part of our Stone Age studies, which we have explored with fantastic writing in our daily literacy, also using the Fire Child resources from The Museum of London.

Our first foray into cave paintings was in the dark, with paper on the underside of tables, using berries squashed into clay for colour variations and only the flickering light of a few candles to help us see what we were drawing!

For World Book Day we took Stig’s Dump as inspiration to decorate our class door. This time we could work on the tables(!), using a mix of charcoals and soft pastels, working to sketch some of the creatures that would have roamed these islands - and been hunted -  tens of thousands of years ago.



 1. First cut up an old carton into small tile shapes.

 2. Secondly, draw different icons on each tile.

 3. When you've got about 50 tiles or so, put them all face down.

 4. The first person turns over nine tiles, and then starts telling their story!

Closure Grid

Kandinsky Numeracy Art project

Picture Prompts

 To do, to make, to create... keep choosing something off yours to try next!

Dorset Apple Cake recipe

 Ready to eat!

Homework Activities



Weathered Rock Images

LO: I can explain how rocks are affected by factors in the environment.

How do rocks change over time?

  1. Look at the images of the rocks – can you say what kind of rocks any of them are?
  2. How do you think these rocks might have changed over time?
  3. What might have caused this?

Draw a mini-picture of each image and then a caption for each explaining why you think it has weathered in this way.

Composing Their First Music

Cross-stitching Inspire workshop


Designing a Reflective Panel


Mummified Orange


Blackberry Picking



Year 3 Information


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