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Year 5

Miss Chadwick is the teacher in Year 5. 

There are many exciting, engaging and awe-inspiring lessons in Year 5 this term. Our English will be all about myths and legends. Ancient myths and legends are really fun to learn about but not only this they hold a greater significance in our modern society as we take a lot of our common practices such as democracy, the Olympics or art galleries from Ancient civilizations that have passed these things to us through the telling and retelling of common myths and legends.

We are also looking at Geography part of our Humanities topic based on ‘Rivers’. We will be looking at oceans of the world, Scandinavia and the Vikings. We will study and map the amazing journeys on which the Vikings took on their long ships to plunder and rule far off lands.

Science and experiments, we have been looking at Forces, exploring gravity and carrying out many outdoor investigations. Our next plan will be to explore the plant and animal life cycle which will mean lots more exciting investigations to challenge us.

Spanish will be continuing as we use what we have learnt already and try using phrases for conversations and writing sentences about ourselves and our families.

There are some fantastic homework ideas to do each half term too based around all curriculum areas. Take a picture and send it to the Year5 email, then we can share your great work as a class

Home Learning

Home learning can now be access via Microsoft Teams. Please contact your child's teacher if you have not received login details or are experiencing any difficulties. 

Reading Page

Year 5 age-9-10 Reading list

Mountain. The History of the Indus Valley

Rivers KO

Ancient Egypt KO

Home Learning Music Resources

How to Use Purple Mash

Easter Activities for Children's University

Activities for home to develop life skills

The Book of Hopes

Be an illustrator!

Get up and Get Active

Music services have developed an online learning platform for pupils to access, it features over 350 bite-size video clips of their teachers delivering mini lessons.  

There is a unique username and password for Fairway and would be applicable to all instrumentalists at the school.

Username: fairwaypr

Password: 7VCxFb4r

The Arts

Click below to explore some of our fantastic arts projects and get creative at home.

The Crafty Fox - Art ideas for home

Be an illustrator!

Kandinsky Maths Art project

Weaving Project - Week One

Weaving Project - Week Two

Weaving Project - Week Three

Weaving Project - Week Four

Year 5 Information


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